Winter Warmers special


As autumn really takes hold and we stop thinking about seafood, salad and crisp white wine and head more towards snuggly open fires and unctuous warming soups, stews and even game, we take a look at key restaurants and pubs around our beautiful county.

Whether it’s curling up with a hot chocolate and loads of marshmallows or tucking into a boeuf bourgignon, autumn and winter are times when we cherish our indoor comforts. Our special feature is all about celebrating those winter warmers.

Select, paid-for editorial is available; perhaps a write-up on the venue, a review of a new menu, or a Q&A with the owner or chef – we have loads of ideas to ensure you get the best coverage for your venue.

We are especially keen on menus that feature Sussex produce and it’s also a good time to explore new dishes and Christmas menus. We’re happy to work with advertisers to design artwork or create beautiful advertorial. Our in house team can help with all of this.


  • Advertising at excellent introductory rates
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